“Each of you will open your heart, your actions, your wisdom, and your conduct and look within, and you will see that every face is your face.” -His Holiness M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Integraceful Flow Yoga with Live Music


BlueTreeYoga with Jenny B FLier 07.26.14 851x315 FB Event Photo


A Jennyoga Favorite – The Agni (fire) with Live Music Experience! Advanced Integraceful Flow Yoga with inversions and arm stands for a full body martial asana experience. Be blessed and blissed out with us, won’t ya?

Blue Tree Yoga



BYC Twists Into Summer

BYCAsiaSocietyTwistsIntoSummerByAREXPRESSIONS.ORG_20140601_1-154All One Under The Beautifully Hot Texas Sun~Here are the photos I shot at June 2014’s Breakfast Yoga Club here in good ole Houston, Tx.  To view the photos click HERE.

Bhakti House Band blessed us with their beautiful melodies on this beauty of a day in support of Peace Love Om Project

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To schedule a shoot, please email me at tonyexpressed@gmail.com and let’s set something up! I’m also interested in creative projects, so let me know if you have an idea you’d like to collaborate on.


V4V3: Vinyasa For Vets

I’m so delighted and honored to be providing music for Vinyasa For Vets this Sunday at St. Arnold’s Brewery. Expedition Balance is an amazing nonprofit organization that provides healing for our Veterans through yoga, meditation and beautiful community retreats. We hope to see you there on your mats in support and also to share some food and a few brews with you.



ARE You Updated? You ARE Now!

Hello! I’d like to give you an update on some upcoming AREXPRESSIONS FUN! First up, this Saturday I’ll be shooting some photos at Breakfast Yoga Club’s January Event at 9am sharp! Then, that same afternoon from 2-4pm I’ll be adding some melodies in Dana & Belem’s Vin/Yin Yoga Workshop at YogaOne Uptown!

January 31st through February 2nd is the annual Texas Yoga Conference!!! That Friday around noon I’ll be performing with Emancipated Soul Movement and that Saturday night at 7:45 I’ll be playing guitar for Donna DeLory! Can you say, “STOKED?!?!?!” This is going to be an awesome event all around that you will not want to miss!

Hold up! Not done yet! Come February 9th is Expedition Balance’s next Vinyasa For Vets event which will be held at Houston’s own St. Arnold’s Brewery! I’m happy to say that I’ll have the honor of providing some melodies for the yoga class! St. Arnold’s is my favorite beer by the way.

So many awesome charities will benefit from the above listed events and we HOPE and would LOVE to see you showing your support and doing some YOGA!!! Please visit all of the links above for more information!